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salsa chicken salad

How to Make Salsa Chicken Salad

In Recipes, Salad On June 14, 2012 0 Comments

Salsa Chicken Salad Chicken salad with salsa yum yum, cooked chicken with fresh salad and salsa sauce give you unique and incredible taste. Ingredients: Boneless chicken – 250gm… Read More »

red bean salad

Red Kidney Bean and Sweet Corn Salad with French dressing

In Recipes, Salad On April 21, 2012 1 Comment

Red Kidney beans, chickpeas and sweet corn have a sweet flavor and are good sources of protein. toss with French dressing. Red Kidney Bean and Sweet Corn Salad… Read More »

shish kebab

How to Make Lamb Shish Kebabs

In Beef & Mutton, Recipes On April 1, 2012 2 Comments

Lamb Shish Kebabs Shish kebab served on the skewer. In the Middle East, however, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat…. Read More »

grilled fish with vegetable

How to Make Grilled Fish with Fried Vegetables

In Recipes, Sea Food On February 24, 2012 0 Comments

Grilled Fish with Fried Vegetables This grilled fish recipe smells so good. Try this tasty Grilled Fish with Mediterranean Vegetables recipes, full of nutritious and healthy meal. Grilled… Read More »

chelsea bread1

How to Make Tasty Chelsea Bread Recipe

In Bakery, Recipes On February 12, 2012 2 Comments

Chelsea Bread Chelsea Buns are Britain’s answer to the North American cinnamon rolls. Made in a similar manner. . . but filled with butter, currants, chopped peel and… Read More »